More O’Kearney Madness; Jorstad Doubles

Espen Uhlen Jorstad

Espen Uhlen Jorstad doubled after getting his stack in with :::Ah:::As against the :::Kc:::Qc of Silviu Baltateanu and the board came :::Jh:::9h:::7s:::3h:::7h.

On the feature table, the Dara O’Kearney madness continued when he doubled through Adrian-Sorel State with :::Kh:::8d versus :::Ah:::Jh, the board came :::Qh:::5h:::2d:::7s:::8c.

State busted right after with another bad beat story, as his {10h}{10d} for fewer than two big blinds came short against Alan Widmann’s :::7s:::7h on a board of :::Ah:::Kc:::8s:::Qh:::7c.

In the meanwhile, Jean-Serge Baril had also ran out of chips on the outer tables. He jammed with :::Kh:::9s against the :::Ah:::Jh of Denis Simionel and found no help on a board of :::As:::Jh:::7h:::8d:::8h. Aku Joentausta has also vanished from the feature table and O’Kearney now has almost 20 big blinds and eyes another pay jump.

Silviu Baltateanu580,000-220,000
Espen Uhlen Jorstad440,000200,000
Denis Simionel310,00045,000
Alan Widmann126,000-14,000
Adrian-Sorel State0-100,000
Jean-Serge Baril0-318,000
Aku Joentausta0-172,000