Jorstad Back in Action

Unibet ambassador Espen Uhlen Jorstad raised to 1,100 from the hijack and saw both the players in the blinds make the call.

Jorstad continued for 1,200 after the flop fell :::5h:::9c:::js and only Simonas Eigminas from the big blind called.

The turn was the :::2d, Eigminas checked and allowed Jorstad to fire a 7,000 chip bet. Eigminas then checked his cards for the final time before he passed them to the dealer just a few seconds later.

Eigminas remained on 60,000 while Jorstad moved up to 40,000.

Simonas Eigminas 60,000 -7,000
Espen Uhlen Jorstad 40,000 5,000