Jorstad Doubles Fellow Norwegian Langfeldt

Nicolay Langfeldt

Nicolay Langfeldt open-jammed from the cutoff for 18,000 before Unibet Poker Ambassador Espen Jorstad three-bet over-jammed for 49,000 from the button. Martin Wendt folded from the small blind as did Elhanen Togerman from the big blind.

Nicolay Langfeldt: :::ac:::4c
Espen Jorstad: :::8h:::8d

Jorstad was favored to eliminate his Norwegian countrymate before the flop and he wished him good luck. It turns out Langfeldt did get a little luck as he doubled up after he hit top pair on the :::3d:::As:::Js flop.

Neither the :::Kc on the turn nor the :::Kd on the river were of help to Jorstad and Langfeldt’s tournament life was saved with a double-up.

Nicolay Langfeldt 41,100 41,100
Espen Jorstad 31,000 -26,000