Stoian Hits a Lucky Double

Dan Cristian raised from the cutoff to 4,500 and the player on the button called. The small blind folded his hand but Ion Stoian moved all in from the big blind for his last 50,500. Cristian called and the player on the button folded.

Dan Cristian: :::As:::Qc
Ion Stoian: :::Ac:::8d

The flop was very good for Stoian when the dealer put down :::2d:::6d:::Ad. The turn added some chop outs with the :::6h and the :::5d river gave Stoian the best hand with a flush.

Stoian punched the table with his fist as a celebration before he collected the pot and stacked his chips up.

Ion Stoian 105,000
Cristian Dan 51,000