Juen Triples Up; Soukup Eliminated

Alban Juen opened to 6,000 and Martin Soukup three-bet all in for 64,500. Big stack Louis Linard moved all in and Juen tanked.

"I’m sorry for slowrolling," said Juen in French as he contemplated his decision.

"It’s not a problem," replied Linard. Eventually Juen called all in for 62,500 and the cards were turned over.

Alban Juen: :::qh:::qc
Martin Soukup: :::ac:::td
Louis Linard: :::js:::jh

The flop came :::th:::9h:::8h giving Juen a flush draw and Linard a straight-flush draw, albeit a one-way one. The turn :::kh gave Juen his flush and the river :::5h bricked and Juen tripled up. Linard did win a 2,000 side pot as two-time Unibet Open champion Soukup was eliminated.

Alban Juen195,000140,000
Louis Linard95,000-45,000
Martin Soukup0-75,000