Jussi Vanhanen Eliminated in 6th Place (£12,310)

Jussi Vahnanen

Christopher Yong moved all in from the small blind and short stack Jussi Vanhanen called for 700,000 in the big blind.

Jussi Vanhanen: :::Ad:::Kh
Christopher Yong: :::Kc:::Jc

The :::Kd:::Js:::4c flop gave Yong two pair and the :::Jh turn improved that to a full house, making the :::Tc river a formality. The Unibet Poker online qualifier from Finland takes gome £12,310 for his efforts. Yong chipped up further and holds one third of the chips in play.

Christopher Yong3,560,000725,000
Jussi Vanhanen0-705,000