White Avoids Chop; Builds Stack Without Showdown

Honglin Jiang raised to 115,000 with the :::5h:::4h in the cutoff and Christopher Yong called on the button with the :::Ks:::Th, as did Oliver White in the big blind with :::Kd:::Tc, On the :::Kh:::8s:::2c flop it was Jiang that continued for 125,000 and both opponents called.

The :::Qs turn was checked by all three players and the :::6d river brought a bet of 250,000 by White. Jiang quickly folded and Yong reluctantly folded.

Christopher Yong3,315,000-245,000
Oliver White1,870,000545,000
Honglin Jiang1,585,000-300,000