Justin Herboldt Eliminated in 2nd Place (€28,768*); Laureys Wins the UBPC Main Event

Justin Herboldt was all in for 4,700,000, and Glenn Laureys called.

Herboldt: A♠Q♥
Laureys: K♠J♦

Board: A♦J♠2♥J♣7♣

Herboldt held the preflop lead, and things looked good for the Dutchman when he hit top pair on the flop.

The flop also gave Laureys a pair of jacks, and when a second jack appeared on the turn, he took a surprise lead with trips.

Herboldt was drawing to a straight to survive on the river, but the seven of clubs was no use to him.

Laureys was confirmed as the champion, and the two players shook hands.

With the money deal already agreed three-handed, Herboldt is awarded with €28,768 for 2nd place.

Congratulations go to Laureys who takes away the extra €4,000 for a total prize worth €34,617, as well as the unique UBPC Main Event trophy.

A recap of the final day’s action will follow later.