Keown Scores a Big Double

Greg King

In the last few hours, Greg King was indeed the king at his table even though his stack went up and down quite a bit. However, he was always well above the average, which has now changed in dramatic fashion.

The turn showed :::Qc:::8d:::5d:::Jc and King bet 21,000 into a pot of 25,000, triggering a jam by John Keown for 102,400. King contemplated about his decision for a fair bit and opted to call, which set up the following showdown:

John Keown: :::Ad:::Ah
Greg King: :::Kd{10d}

Keown was ahead with his pair of aces, but had a lot of outs to dodge. He successfully did with the :::4s river and soared towards the top of the leader board.

John Keown230,000110,000
Greg King40,000-155,000