Koivisto Bests Robinson

Scott Robinson jammed for the second time in quick succession, in the first hand he chopped with ace-king versus ace-king and then had a nearly identical hand again. This time, Henri Koivisto isolated from one seat over and Alan "hotted89" Widmann in the big blind reluctantly folded.

Scott Robinson: :::Ah:::Kh
Henri Koivisto: :::Ad:::Qd

The :::Qc:::7s:::5c:::6c:::4h flop improved Koivisto to a pair, while Widmann sighed and said in table chat he would have hit a flush.

Moments later, Gary Stokes sent a player to the rail with :::Qc:::Qs versus :::Ac:::Jc and boosted his stack once again.

Gary Stokes320,000-55,000
Henri Koivisto270,00010,000
Alan Widmann90,000-10,000
Monica Vaka0-80,000
Scott Robinson0-149,400
Jamie Byrne0-61,400
Larry Ryan0-62,400
Christopher Heidelbacher0-80,000