Late Double for Corbun

Jordi Corbun

Jordi Corbun doubled for 37,900 through Marius Asanache when his :::Qh:::Qc faced the {10s}{10c} of Asanache. The :::Qs:::4s:::2c flop all but sealed his double and the :::4d turn made things official, the :::7s river was a formality.

Asanache was left with around 10,000 only, but spun those up again and even sent Martin Wendt to the rail during the final hands of the night. Also out: Benjamin Lebor, Denis Poteras and Silviu Nemes.

Jordi Corbun78,00078,000
Marius Asanache41,000-54,000
Razvan Bordei0-43,000
Martin Wendt0-24,000
Benjamin Lebor0-28,000
Silviu Nemes0-40,000
Frederik Foss00
Denis Poteras00