Zainescu Bosses the Feature Table

Carmen Zainescu

Carmen Zainescu chipped up with top set and soon after got even more action on the feature table.

Silviu Baltateanu opened to 2,200 with the :::Ad{10d} and Zainescu three-bet to 5,500 with the :::Ah:::As in the hijack. Cosmin Cristescu flat-called with :::Jh:::Jc in the big blind, Baltateanu let go. On the {10c}:::4d:::4h flop, C>ristescu checked and called a bet of 7,000 before check-folding the :::Kc turn when facing a second barrel worth 12,000.

Zainescu showed her aces and dragged in another pot.

Carmen Zainescu103,00013,000
Cosmin Cristescu62,00017,000