Lepik Has Almost Everything!

Kaarel Lepik

Wow! What a comeback by Kaarel Lepik!

The Estonian grinded back up to nearly equal stacks before dealing an almost decisive blow to Sigurd Carlsson. Lepik raised to 320,000 on the button with :::As:::5s, Carlsson three-bet to 800,000 with :::9s:::7s and Lepik called. On the :::7d:::4c:::3d flop, Carlsson checked and Lepik quickly checked behind.

The :::2c on the turn was gin for Lepik. Carlsson checked, Lepik bet 800,000 and Carlsson called.

To make things worse for the Faroese, the :::7h appeared on the river to give him trips. He checked, Lepik moved all in for 4,500,000 and Carlsson called!

Carlsson, who held the chip lead throughout the entirety of the heads-up, was suddenly down to just four big blinds after the hand.

Kaarel Lepik 11,550,000 6,350,000
Sigurd Carlsson 650,000 -6,350,000