Manolea Runs Riot; Busts Pertea and Hills

Luciana Manolea

Luciana Manolea has boosted her stack significantly and sent Marius Pertea as well as Andy Hills to the rail.

According to Hills, Manolea bet a four-flush river and Pertea moved all in with :::Kx{10x} to get called by Manolea with the :::Qh in her hand.

Soon after, Hills clashed with Manolea and also ended up second-best. A raise to 700 by Hills was met by a three-bet to 2,600 on the button and the Brit four-bet to 6,900, Manolea called. On the :::Ks{10d}:::7s flop, Hills checked with around 14,000 behind and Manolea glanced at his stack before betting 15,000. Hills gave it some thought and called all in.

Andy Hills: :::9c:::9h
Luciana Manolea: :::Ad:::Kc

The :::Js turn and :::8c river bricked off and Hills was gone.

Apparently, the duo had played in the SuperStack Side Event the previous day where he saw Manolea three-bet very frequently. "I called because I thought ace-king would have gotten it in preflop," Hills added before heading out of the tournament area.

Luciana Manolea88,00045,000
Andy Hills0-36,000
Marius Pertea0-17,000