Svennoss Eliminated

Sven Edelenbosch

Sven "Svennoss" Edelenbosch had returned from dinner with a shorter stack, which also applied for Katie Swift, and they shared the same fate to run out of chips in quick succession.

Edelenbosch faced a raise to 900 by Mihail Rablou and a call by Laurentiu Avram, then jammed for the last 8,200. Rablou asked for a count and called, trying to get Avram also into the mix, but a quick fold followed.

Sven Edelenbosch: :::Kd:::Qc
Mihail Rablou: :::Ac:::Ah

"Ah, nice," Edelenbosch said when he spotted the aces on the other side of the table. The Dutch streamer picked up some hope on the :::Kh:::5s:::4h flop, but the :::Js turn and :::7h river were of no help.

Mihail Rablou44,00010,000
Katie Swift0-6,000
Sven Edelenbosch0-7,000