Maschmann’s Stack Cut Down

The stack of Christin Maschmann has taken a big hit before the break and the German was kind enough to provide the details. According to Maschmann, she raised to 600 first to act with pocket jacks and was called by Ovidiu Tureac on the button. On a :::5d:::2h:::2d flop, Maschmann continued for 1,200 and Tureac called, what followed was the {10h} turn and a bet of 2,800 by Maschmann. Tureac opted to raise to 6,000 and Maschmann called.

After the :::Kc river, Maschmann check-called a bet of 7,000 and was shown pocket fives for a full house.

Ovidiu Tureac45,00045,000
Christin Maschmann11,200-19,800