The esports Crew Arrives

Along with Unibet Poker ambassador Fredrik Bergmann, most of the esports Battle Royale XI participants walked into the tournament area and took seats on different tables. Bergmann happened to be seated with Sonja “OMGitsfirefoxx” Reid and Scott "Sco" McMillan, Sven “Svennoss” Edelenbosch headed over to the feature table along with Unibet Poker ambassador Dan Murariu.

Sophia "Djarii" White was immediately involved in a hand in a battle of the blinds and her opponent bet the {10s}{10d}:::9c flop for 325, which White called. On the :::As turn, her opponent check-called a bet of 600 and the :::2h river was checked. White showed the :::9h:::7s and her opponent held the superior :::Ac:::9s.

Alan Widmann30,000
Scott McMillan30,000
Lisa Vannatta30,000
Sonja Reid30,000
Fredrik Bergmann30,000
Kelvin Nguyen30,000
Sven Edelenbosch30,000
Sophia White29,000