Mellanen Busts Corbjin

Kasper Mellanen raised to 2,500 and was called two ways by Mark Buckley in the cutoff and Jordi Corbjin on the button. The trio checked through the :::Qs:::5c:::2s flop and then invested 4,200 each on the :::Qd turn, it was Buckley that had bet and received two calls.

On the :::9d river, action checked to Corbjin and he bet 11,500, prompting a shove from Mellanen. Buckley quickly folded and Corbjin called to get shown :::9c:::9s by Mellanen for a full house on the river. Corbjin had flopped best with :::5d:::5s but ended up with the inferior full house. The stacks were counted and Corbjin was covered to join the rail, the table broke up right after.

Kasper Mellanen75,00075,000
Mark Buckley35,00035,000
Derrick Wall00
Jordi Corbjin00
Frida Andersson0-33,000
Antti Tiainen0-54,000
Sergiu Covrig00
Kjetil Asen0-28,000