Two Bustouts and a Double

Kevin Mathers sent Gabor Csire to the rail and boosted his stack up further and Michael Tucknott did so one table over after taking on Martin Olali.

The remainder of Olali’s stack went in preflop with the :::Ac:::Qs and Tucknott had the slightly inferior kicker in :::Ad:::Jc. However, the :::Js{10c}:::2d flop vaulted Tucknott into the lead and he stayed there on the :::6h turn and :::3c river runout.

A severely short-stacked Markus Lehtinen shoved for just 7,100 and was called by Jan Marcus Ohman from one seat over. Lehtinen held the :::6s:::6d and Ohman had one over card with :::Ac:::6c. The board came :::9h:::7s:::4s:::Js:::Kc and Lehtinen doubled.

Michael Tucknott80,00035,000
Kevin Mathers57,00037,000
Jan Marcus Ohman50,000-18,000
Markus Lehtinen17,000-10,000
Gabor Csire00
Martin Olali00