Monica Vaka Eliminated in 7th Place (DKK 87,600)

Monica Vaka

Action folded around to Monica Vaka in the small blind. She shoved all in for 565,000 and Mikael Johansson instantly called all in for slightly more.

Monica Vaka: :::5h:::5c
Mikael Johansson: :::Ks:::Kc

No help for Vaka on a :::Qh:::8d:::Ad:::6d:::Qs rundown. The Norwegian – seven months pregnant – started the day as the chipleader but a series of unfortunate events spelt her exit in 7th place. She took home DDK 87,600 for her accomplishment and the Unibet Open will have to wait a little longer for their first female champion.

Mikael Johansson 1,200,000 455,000
Monica Vaka 0 -335,000