Deivis Rinkevicius Eliminated in 5th Place (DKK 142,200)

Deivis Rinkevicius

Sigurd Carlsson raised to 125,000 on the button. Deivis Rinkevicius shoved 450,000 from the small blind and Carlsson called.

Deivis Rinkevicius: :::Kc:::Qs
Sigurd Carlsson: :::Td:::9s

The flop was :::Tc:::6c:::8h and Carlsson took the lead with a pair of tens. The :::Ad on the turn opened some extra outs for Rinkevicius but the river bricked with the :::3d.

The Lithuanian said his goodbyes and received DKK 142,200 for his fifth place finish.

Sigurd Carlsson 5,865,000 865,000
Deivis Rinkevicius 0 -760,000