Moolhuizen Starts Off Bluffing

With the :::9h:::5d:::Ac:::Jd:::Jc board already out there Mateusz Moolhuizen was facing a bet of 700 from the player two to his right, Paz Shkalim. Mateusz put in a pink 500 chip and two yellow 1,000 chips to raise to 2,500 but Shkalim thought Moolhuizen had called his bet.

Shkalim opened up :::Kc:::7c for just king high, but Moolhuizen showed :::8d:::4s for the bluff. After Shkalim saw the pot move to Moolhuizen he asked why he lost the hand and that’s the moment he visibly realized Moolhuizen didn’t call his bet of 700 but he actually raised to 2,500.

Mateusz Moolhuizen 31,000 1,000
Paz Shkalim 29,000