Value for Suliman

Yaaqov Suliman limped from late position and Alex Hendriks raised to 450 from the big blind. Suliman called to see the :::Jh:::6c:::6d flop come down.

Hendriks checked this time to Suliman and he decided to take over the lead with a bet of 1,000. Hendriks called and the turn was the :::2s.

Hendriks checked again to Suliman and this time he fired out a bet of 3,000. Hendriks didn’t take too long to announce the call to go to the :::3s river card.

Both players checked on the complete board and Suliman showed :::Qc:::Jd to win the hand.

Yaaqov Suliman 35,000
Alex Hendriks 25,000 -5,000