More for Lappin and Simpson

Gunnar Wedde bet the :::Ac:::Js{10s}:::3s:::5s river for 3,000 and David Lappin called to see Wedde muck his cards, Lappin flashed :::Kc:::Qh for the ace-high straight on the four-card flush board.

One table over, fellow Unibet Poker ambassador Ian Simpson is also doing quite well as he just took on Gareth Hamilton. Kelvin “Snutz” Nguyen and Hamilton limped and Simpson in the small blind raised to 2,400, only Hamilton called with the words "you always raise."

They checked down the :::8c:::7h:::7d flop and the :::4h turn, Simpson bet the :::Ah river and Hamilton mucked.

"It was a good one," Simpson admitted and showed his :::Ad:::Kd before raking in the pot.

Ian Simpson48,0008,000
David Lappin40,0009,000
Gunnar Wedde30,000-17,000
Kelvin Nguyen14,000-16,000