Mullin Busts Kneepkens

Emmett Mullin raised the cutoff and Benny Kneepkens splashed his chips in for what appeared to be 27,000. Christopher Heidelbacher in the small blind tanked, but folded, and Mullin snap-called.

"Do you have ace-king?" Kneepkens asked and Mullin shook his head, turned over :::Ah:::Ac. Kneepkens had two outs with his {10h}{10d} and didn’t get there on a board of :::Jc:::6c:::6d:::Kh:::6h.

Emmett Mullin100,00050,000
Christopher Heidelbacher75,00044,000
Benny Glaser70,00040,000
Benny Kneepkens0