Nash Chops; Busts After

Christopher Nash

Christopher Nash had a lucky chop when he was all in with :::Ah:::Jh against the :::As:::Kd of David Lappin, as a seven-high straight appeared on the board.

Soon after he had the best of it going into the showdown with :::Kd:::Kh and faced Robbie McCormack with :::Ad:::Ks. This time, Nash saw the board run out :::8d:::5s:::Qd:::3d:::9d to improve McCormack to the nut flush and he had to settle for 41st place.

The table broke right after and Lappin arrived to see Tomas Montrimas double through Peter Cahill in a flip, prevailing with pocket nines. Not long ago, Motrimas was in need of a miracle and at risk for 13,000. However, he has now jumped to almost 30 big blinds.

Robbie McCormack340,000264,700
David Lappin300,00060,000
Tomas Montrimas220,000190,000
Peter Cahill50,000-225,000
Christopher Nash0-150,000