Keown KO’d By Gassand

John Keown

Elias Vaaraniemi took a hit when Ricardo Klassen doubled through the Finn, while fellow big stack Per Helge Gassand sent John Keown to the rail.

Gassand opened on the button and called the shove of Keown in the big blind for 102,000 total.

John Keown: :::As:::Jc
Per Helge Gassand: :::Kh:::Qh

The :::Ks:::Kc{10d} flop left Keown with just running aces as outs, and he was drawing dead on the :::6s turn. A meaningless :::4h fell on the river and Keown was eliminated in 42nd place.

Elias Vaaraniemi660,000-140,000
Per Helge Gassand540,000-40,000
Ricardo Klassen240,00060,000
John Keown0-315,000