Bogdan Triples with Aces

Will Dorey open-jammed for about 170,000 from the button with two players holding short stacks in the big blinds. Damian Krauze was all-in from the small blind after he called his stack of about 30,000. Nicolae Bogdan called behind from the big blind with a stack of around 25,000.

Will Dorey: :::Qs:::7d
Damian Krauze: :::Ax:::Tx
Nicolae Bogdan: :::Ah:::Ac

Bogdan was in prime shape to triple up with pocket aces. Neither Dorey or Krauze hit any part of the :::5s:::9d:::3h:::2c:::6s and Bogdan tripled up.

Meanwhile, Krauze stayed alive by winning a smll side pot.

Will Dorey 140,000 -1,000
Nicolae Bogdan 77,100 35,100
Damian Krauze 10,000 -15,000