No Calls for Callens

Daiva Byrne

Daiva Byrne raised from the under the gun position on the 5-handed table to 250 and Chaim Koifman called from the button. Ann-Roos Callens sat in the small blind and had entirely different plans as she three-bet to 1,200. Both Byrne and Koifman called.

The flop came down :::4d:::Ac:::Js and Callens continued with a bet of 2,400. Byrne thought about it for a minute before she threw her cards in the muck, as did Koifman.

Dehlia de Jong is also seated at the table with Callens and Byrne and with that there are more women at table 35 than men.

Ann-Roos Callens 33,000 33,000
Daiva Byrne 28,500 -1,500
Chaim Koifman 28,500 28,500