No Cash for Bulboaca; Lappin Doubles

Ana Raluca Bulboaca

Ana Raluca Bulboaca qualified for the event through an online freeroll and had been nursing a very similar stack for quite some time. Just now, Ricardo Klassen raised to 8,500 and the Romanian three-bet all in on the button, Klassen called and the stack sizes were within a few big blinds.

Ana Raluca Bulboaca: :::9d:::9h
Ricardo Klassen: :::Ks:::Qs

The board came :::Kh{10d}:::8h:::2s:::5d and the stacks were counted, Klassen had 89,500 and that beat Bulboaca by one big blind.

At the same time on the feature table, David Lappin three-bet all in for 89,000 with the :::Ah:::Ks and Pascal Rabany snap-called from the under-the-gun position with :::Kd:::Kh. Lappin flipped a big sweat on :::Js{10s}:::4s and the :::Qh turn improved him to a straight. No ace but the :::7c came on the river, securing the double for the Irishman.

Elias Vaaraniemi800,000130,000
Ricardo Klassen180,000115,000
David Lappin180,00055,000
Pascal Rabany100,000-24,000
Ana Raluca Bulboaca0-95,000