Nolten Forces Out Nex at Table of Monsterstacks

Vladimir Nex

Day 1b chip leader Vladimir Nex opened to 10,000 and Day 1c chip leader Jeffrey Nolten three-bet to 25,000 from the next position. Nex four-bet to 58,000 and Nolten called.

The flop came :::4h:::2h:::7s. Nex continued for 40,000 but snap-folded to a shove from Nolten.

Not only are these two at the table, but so is the Paris Edition chip leader Michel Leibgorin, meaning the top three in chips at the start of the day are now seated at the same table.

Michel Leibgorin670,000138,000
Vladimir Nex430,000-6,000
Jeffrey Nolten400,000204,000
David Jaoui340,000209,000
Arnaud Peyroles330,00023,000
Ionut Macsim155,000101,000
Aki Pyysing115,000-38,000
Juuso Leppanen45,000-17,000