Open the Floodgates!

Roei Motola

Bart Francois, Dan Alexandru Nistor, Daniel Wittikko, Gabor Bank and Niculae Eremia have all been eliminated. The latter fell victim to Roei Motola, who opened and then quickly called the three-bet shove of Eremia.

Niculae Eremia: :::Ad:::Kh
Roei Motola: :::Ah:::As

The board came :::Qh:::2d:::4s:::5c:::2c and that sent Eremia to the rail.

Roei Motola235,00030,000
Bart Francois0-121,000
Dan Alexandru Nistor0-55,000
Daniel Wittikko0-140,000
Gabor Bank0-75,000
Niculae Eremia0-45,000