Or Can’t Improve in Israelian Battle

Israelian poker player Amitai Or limped from the hijack and so did his left-hand neighbor Guy Ohayon, also an Israelian poker player. The player in the big blind checked his option and they went to the flop.

The flop came down :::Th:::6h:::4d and the big blind checked to Or who lead out with a bet of 1,000. Ohayon called and the player in the big blind threw his hand to the muck.

The turn was the :::7c and Or bet another 1,000. He got called again by Ohayon and when the :::9c river card came down both players checked.

Or opened up :::Ah:::4h for a pair of fours and a missed flush draw and Ohayon could beat that with :::Ac:::6c.

Amitai Or 43,000 -3,000
Guy Ohayon 32,000