Palievici in Trouble

Alexandru Palievici lost quite a few chips since returning from the dinner break and was just involved in several pots that left his stack fluctuate massively.

Palievici bet the :::Ac:::5d:::4c:::5h:::8d river for 50,000 with {10h}:::7h in the small blind and Espen Uhlen Jorstad reluctantly called with the :::9h:::8h, Martin Soukup folded :::Qc:::Jc and Jorstad claimed the pot.

In the next hand, Palievici jammed the small blind and Gilles Huet called after brief consideration for the last 200,000.

Gilley Huet: :::As:::Kh
Alexandru Palievici: :::Jd:::9s

The board came {10s}:::5c:::4h:::3d:::8c and Palievici was left with a mountain to climb.

He jammed the next button and Toni Judet called from the big blind.

Alexandru Palievici: :::Ks:::Qh
Toni Judet: :::Ah:::2h

Palievici took the lead on the turn, fell behind and got some river magic on the :::Kc:::Jh:::7d:::Ac:::Kh board to remain in contention.

Martin Soukup2,000,000-100,000
Espen Uhlen Jorstad610,00070,000
Toni Judet535,000-165,000
Gilles Huet420,000150,000
Alexandru Palievici320,000-430,000