Gilles Huet Eliminated in 13th Place (€5,470)

Gilles Huet

Gilles Huet raised it up with the :::Kh{10h} and chip leader Martin Soukup defended the big blind with the :::5c:::5h. On the :::Ac{10d}:::5c flop, Soukup check-raised from 40,000 to 115,000 and Huet gave it some consideration before moving all in for 345,000.

The snap-call of Soukup followed and Huet was left drawing dead right away on the :::9s turn, the :::2d river was a formality. Huet exited in 13th place and receives €5,470 for his efforts.

Martin Soukup2,600,000600,000
Gilles Huet0-420,000