Penttinen Takes from Veza

Matti Penttinen raised to 600 and was called by Pavao Veza in the small blind, while 2018 Unibet Open London champion Andreas Wiborg in the big blind got out of the way. Veza then checked the :::Kc:::7c:::6c flop and Penttinen checked behind. On the {10d} turn, Veza checked and called a bet of 600 before the :::5h river was checked. Penttinen tabled the :::Kd:::9c for a pair of kings and that claimed the pot.

New entries on nearby tables include Aurelie Reard and Dennis Kleinleugemors, who finished 5th in the €330 Deepstack Open Side Event yesterday.

Andreas Wiborg31,00031,000
Dennis Kleinleugemors30,00030,000
Aurelie Reard30,00030,000
Pavao Veza24,000-6,000