Peters Catches Amar Bluffing

Tobias Peters

Day 1c – Blinds 500/1,000, Ante 100

Tobias Peters called from the small blind and big blind Nir Amar raised to 3,000 from the big blind. Peters called to see the :::4c:::3c:::4s flop appear.

Both players checked on the flop to see the :::7c turn roll off the deck and Peters checked again. Amar bet 4,000 this time and Peters called the bet.

The river was the :::Qh and Peters checked for the third time to Amar. Peters faced a bet of 6,700 this time and called again.

Amar opened up :::Ks:::Jd for king high and Peters took down the pot after showing :::Jh:::7h.

Tobias Peters75,00045,000
Nir Amar8,000