Petrascu Wins Flip against Dimuleasa

In a battle of the Romanians, George Dimuleasa faced a raise to 3,500 by Bogdan Petrascu in the cutoff and moved all in with his short stack of 16,300 from the button. The blinds folded and Petrascu called to put his countryman at risk of elimination.

George Dimuleasa: :::Ad{10s}
Bogdan Petrascu: :::8d:::8h

The board ran out :::Qs:::9s:::5h:::9h:::2c and the pair held up to eliminate Dimuleasa. There were several other casualties at the same time with the dealers announcing a seat open pretty much every minute.

Bogdan Petrascu45,00045,000
George Dimuleasa00
Ekrem Tekin Seven0-62,000
Bence Szaszko0-60,000
Robert Hansen00
Peter Harkes0-36,500