Piironen Picks Wrong Time to Bluff

Daniel Jacobson raised to 150,000 with :::Ad:::8c and Henri Piironen defended :::Jc:::5c. Jacobson flopped huge on :::As:::Ac:::Th and continued 75,000.

Piironen went for all ill-timed bluff attempt and check-raised to 230,000, which his adversary called. On the :::Kd turn, Piironen kept up the bluff with a bet of 550,000 and Jacobson called again.

The :::Th on the river double-paired the board and Piironen shut down. Jacobson tried to get some value but Piironen quickly folded.

Daniel Jacobsen5,640,0001,075,000
Henri Piironen2,550,000-1,075,000