Puumula Eliminated on the Feature Table

About 30 minutes ago, Veli Matti Puumula was eliminated at the feature table in 30th place for €3,870.

Puumula opened up to 38,000 from under the gun with :::Qs:::Qh before Arvin Vahdat three-bet jammed for 399,000 with :::Ac:::Kh from the small blind. Puumula snap-called to set-up a classic coinflip situation.

The :::9c:::6c:::7c flop didn’t pair Vahdat, but did open up a possible flush draw. The :::Ah on the turn gave Vahdat a huge advantage in the hand leaving Puumula with just one out to potentially get a save in the :::Qd.

The :::Tc completed the board on the river and Vahdat doubled up.

Puumula was left with 87,000 in chips and before he lost them the next hand from the big blind.

Arvin Vahdat 826,000 326,000
Veli Puumala 0 -361,000