Rink Doubles Through Sinclair

Emil Brunnberg raised it up to 2,600 in the cutoff and Jack Sinclair three-bet to 7,000 on the button. Mark Rink then four-bet all in and Brunnberg folded after brief consideration. Sinclair asked for a count and gave it one minute to call once it was determined to be for 28,500 in total.

Mark Rink: :::Ac:::Qc
Jack Sinclair: :::Ad:::Jh

"I had ace-jack suited also," Brunnberg said in table chat and Sinclair replied with a dry "thanks." The :::Kh:::6h:::2h flop was a big sweat for Rink as Sinclair picked up a flush draw, but the :::7s turn and :::6s river brought no upset to let the Dutchman double.

Sean Foley100,00045,000
Mark Rink60,00015,000
Jack Sinclair40,000-8,500
Eszter Fabian40,0008,000
Emil Brunnberg18,0006,000