Segers Doubles through Ritchie

Gilles Segers

Gilles Segers ended up all in and at risk for the last 14,700 with :::As:::Js and was dominated by Kyle Ritchie, who held the :::Ac:::Qc. However, the board of :::Jd:::6h:::4d:::5d:::Kc came to the rescue for Segers and he doubled to get back above starting stack, leaving his opponent with a mountain to climb.

Sean Foley140,00040,000
Feargus Murphy100,000100,000
Mark Buckley70,00035,000
Charlotte van Brabander40,000-8,000
Gilles Segers32,0007,000
Kyle Ritchie9,0009,000
Eszter Fabian0-40,000
Raphael Busar00
Markus Lehtinen0-17,000
Joonas Vaananen00