Rinkevicius First to Bust

It took until mid-way through level two for the first player to bust and Deivis Rinkevicius has been unfortunate enough to run out of chips on the same table as Gunnar Wedde, David Lappin and Quentin Lecomte. Wedde and Michael Conaty are the two current chip leaders on that table, the latter just taking on Lecomte in a bigger pot.

Lecomte had climbed back to more than the starting stack and defended his small blind against Conaty. On the :::Qs:::7d:::3c:::Kc:::3d river, Lecomte checked and Conaty forced a fold with a bet of 4,500 into a pot of 5,800. The Irishman, who final-tabled the Irish Open in 2016 (2nd place) and 2017 (8th place) is once again off to a good start on home soil.

Michael Conaty47,000
Gunnar Wedde47,0002,000
Quentin Lecomte30,50014,500
Deivis Rinkevicius0