Rorholt Runs Out of Chips

The field has been reduced to the last 91 hopefuls and Camilla Rorholt is no longer among them. After sending Toni Ojala to the rail, she ran with queens into kings to lose a big portion of her stack and was just now all in for a mere 7,500 on the cutoff. All three players behind her called and Peter Cahill on the button bet the :::Ah:::Kc:::6d flop for 7,500 to isolate.

Camilla Rorholt: :::Jh{10c}
Peter Cahill: :::Ac:::9d

"Now I need a queen," the Norwegian said and saw the board complete with the :::Kd turn and :::6h river.

Peter Cahill80,00038,000
Camilla Rorholt0-75,000