Rummukainen Holds Against Bablok’s Flush Draw

With around 9,500 in the middle, Olli Rummukainen and Patryk Bablok were heads-up going to a flop of :::qc:::9d:::3d. Rummukainen checked to Bablok who bet 6,000 and Rummukainen check-raised all in for 19,400. Bablok quickly called and the cards were face up.

Olli Rummukainen: :::as:::qd
Patryk Bablok: :::ad:::8d

Bablok was looking for another diamond but neither the :::9c on the turn nor the :::7h on the river would provide any help.

Olli Rummukainen58,00016,300
Patryk Bablok10,300-19,700