Runner-Runner House for ‘ONSCREEN’ to Survive

Craig 'ONSCREEN' Shannon

Craig ‘ONSCREEN’ Shannon raised to 4,000 from under the gun and saw Henri Jantunen defend his big blind.

The flop fell :::jc:::6h:::4c, and Jantunen check-called a 6,000 bet from ‘ONSCREEN’ before the turn fell the :::ah.

Jantunen checked again, and ‘ONSCREEN’ fired a second street worth 15,000.

Jantunen decided to raise to 45,000 and ‘ONSCREEN,’ sat with a covered stack worth 152,000, went into the tank.

‘ONSCREEN’ sat thinking for close to two minutes before he announced all in and saw Jantunen snap-call.

‘ONSCREEN’ tabled :::ad:::jh for top two pair, but in an cooler situation saw Jantunen reveal :::js:::jd for a set.

Both players could not believe the situation they were in, but with 320,000 in the middle, there was still one card to come.

‘ONSCREEN’ had two outs to survive and when the dealer revealed the :::ac river the table roared with shock.

‘ONSCREEN,’ who had less than 1% to win on the flop, had found the runner-runner higher house to seal the massive stack at the expense of Jantunen who was left with 50,000.

Craig ‘ONSCREEN’ Shannon 326,000 203,200
Henri Jantunen 49,000 -152,300