Sanz Quiles Missing; Swift Gets Flushed

Unibet Open Sinaia Katie Swift and Daiva Byrne

Another three players have been eliminated including Andrei Nodea and Pablo Sanz Quiles. The latter bluffed off a big chunk very early on to Martin Wendt and several other players on his former table have already chipped up.

Katie Swift can also be found there, but she just took a hit when check-calling a bet of 4,700 on the :::Ks:::Js:::4d:::Qs{10c} river. Hallstein Boerve on the button showed :::8s:::6s for the flush and Swift mucked.

Daniel Effendy44,00014,000
Alexandru Palievici43,00043,000
Hallstein Boerve41,00041,000
Martin Wendt37,000-3,000
Katie Swift23,500-6,500
Andrei Nodea0-30,000
Pablo Sanz Quiles0-19,000
Roland Trinfa00