Second Chance to Book a Ticket to Day 2

Day 1b is the second chance for players to book a stack for Day 2. Day 1b kicks off at noon on Friday, and they’ll play 10 levels with the same structure as Day 1a.

Any players who busted Day 1a before the end, or who bust Day 1b, will still have a last chance to get into Day 2 with the turbo Day 1c heat. Day 1b will play out with one hour levels through the entire day, but Day 1c gets going at 9PM and runs lightning fast 20 minute levels with the same 30,000 start stack. Both Day 1b and 1c should finish around the same time, but by the time Day 1c starts, 1b will have already closed registration.

Just as a reminder, Day 1a and 1b have no reentry option on them. Players who bust one of those days can only reenter on Day 1c, and Day 1c is also open for new entries as well, so it promises to be a raucous event with lots of action. Stay tuned here at PokerNews for coverage throughout Day 1b and 1c, and by the end of the day on Friday, the final field for the 2020 Unibet Open Main Event will be set.

Day 1 Blind Levels

Level Small blind Big blind BB Ante
1 100 100 100
2 100 200 200
3 100 300 300
4 200 400 400
5 200 500 500
6 300 600 600
7 400 800 800
8 500 1,000 1,000
9 600 1,200 1,200
10 1,000 1,500 1,500