Set-Over-Set Action

With 9,000 in the middle and the flop showing {10d}:::4d:::3c, a bet of 3,000 was in front of Stefan Drusca and Gelu Herea jammed for more than 30,000 from one seat over. One fold followed and Andrei Toma called all in for 22,600. Drusca eventually folded and saw both opponents turn over a set.

Andrei Toma: :::4h:::4s
Gelu Herea: :::3s:::3h

The :::5c turn and :::7c river brought no upset and Toma doubled. "I had ace-queen of diamonds," Drusca said and pulled his cards out of the muck, :::Jc:::Js was also revealed to have been folded as well.

Andrei Toma57,00057,000
Gelu Herea12,00012,000