Simpson Flops a Boat, Gets Paid

Ian Simpson

The board was already completed and showed :::Kd:::5d:::5s:::4d:::3s, and Ian Simpson checked out of the small blind. His table neighbor Jason Westbury made it 1,100 to go and Simpson opted to check-raise to 5,075. Westbury called rather swiftly and was shown the :::Kc:::5c for a flopped full house.

On the same table is also 2017 Unibet Open London champion Gerret Van Lancker, and two-time champion and Unibet Poker ambassador Dan Murariu has been spotted in the field already as well.

Ian Simpson36,0005,500
Dan Murariu30,00030,000
Gerret Van Lancker30,00030,000
Jason Westbury24,00024,000